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Friday, December 22, 2017

Food Insecurity in Nunavut

While we normally focus on local/systemic issues on this blog, today we wanted to share some of the great work the non-profit organization Feeding Nunavut is doing every day. Feeding Nunavut does research on the very high rate of food insecurity in the North, provides programs, and seeks to inform and change food-related policies. 

Nunavut has the highest rate of household food insecurity in the country, with one in three people experiencing food insecurity every month. Many Canadians are unaware of the issues facing people living in the north. 

Due to the costs of transportation to the north, food is also incredibly expensive. You can go into a store and find a bag of flour for $46, and potatoes for up to $17.39. 

Photo Credit: www.feedingnunavut.com
The high prices have forced the people of Nunavut to buy cheap foods, with low nutrition and high calories. This increases the risk of long and short term health issues, and leaves food insecure households more vulnerable for disease. 

The Nunavut Food Security Coalition had come up with 6 themes that are important to overcome food insecurity. They are Country food, Store-Bought food, Local Food Production, Life Skills, Programs and Community Initiative and Policy and Legislation. Country food accounts for all tradition foods found on their land, like seals, arctic char and whale. 

Photo Credit: www.feedingnunavut.com

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