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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Workshop Review: Easy Bread Making

Thanks to everyone who came out for our workshop on Easy Bread Making this past Tuesday! We had another packed house and it was lovely to see everyone there. Facilitator Scott Bernstein shared his bread-making talents with us.

Scott Bernstein introducing the workshop to a packed house
Credit: Rebekah Mahaffey

We learned the basics of making white, whole wheat, and rye breads both by hand and using a mixer, as well as how to make homemade pizza dough.

Scott showing off all the ingredients
Credit: Rebekah Mahaffey

We also learned techniques for kneading bread -- what a great upper body workout!

A workshop participant kneading bread dough
Credit: Rebekah Mahaffey

Finally -- the best part -- we got to sample some bread. Nothing, simply nothing, beats fresh bread with butter!

Wonderful bread and butter waiting to be eaten
Credit: Rebekah Mahaffey

Keep an eye on the blog for other upcoming Food First workshops this Fall -- we have some great ideas and will be announcing them soon!

For copies of the recipes used in this workshop, please visit our Recipe page:

Basic Artisan Yeast Bread
Pizza Dough

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