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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Workshop Review: The Art of Drying and Storing

Thank you all very much for coming out to our Art of Drying and Storing workshop on September 11. We had a packed house, and it was wonderful to see everyone there.

Among other skills, we learned how to make fruit 'roll-ups' with apples, pears, stone-fruits, and berries as well as how to make spiced pear and apple chips -- delicious!

Pears and apples on the drying rack
Credit: Sofi Martinez

We also learned just how easy and reasonable drying food can be, as you don't need an expensive food dehydrator to prepare dried food. A conventional gas or electric oven can be used for all recipes.

Chef Andrea Potter hard at work
Credit: Sofi Martinez

Keep watching the blog for updates on future workshops -- we'll see you there!

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