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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Feature: Rooted Nutrition

Source: Sass & Veracity
Want to learn more about healthy eating? Curious about nutrition? Or just plain confused about these weirdly-named foods that keep popping up?

Rooted Nutrition, founded by chef and Registered Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Potter, is a company dedicated to helping people eat healthier by empowering  them through education and offering practical tools for preparing healthy, delicious food.

Recognize the name? Chef Potter has conducted a number of the free workshops hosted by Burnaby Food First, including The Art of Drying and Storing and The Joy of Pickling workshops.

The Vancouver-based company offers a range of classes, workshops, and free information sessions, as well as one-on-one nutrition counseling and private cooking lessons, designed to get people back on the whole, home-cooked foods wagon.

The fall lineup, on now, includes free information sessions designed to help people develop and better understand healthy eating habits. Continuing on September 24 through to November 5, the weekly sessions cover topics from weight management to healthy fats and oils -- and even getting your children excited about healthy eating and whole foods!

For more information on Rooted Nutrition, the on-going information sessions, and offered classes, please visit their website at http://wholefoodscooking.ca/ or contact rootednutrition@gmail.com.

Raw spring rolls
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