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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Other Side of Food

Gardening can be very fulfilling and tasty, but sometimes, those veggies and fruits have ideas of their own. Here's some pre-holiday food fun for you all! (Source: Viral Nova)

Warning: Food humour and puns ahead.

1) Heimlich maneuver or hugging carrots?

2) That's a very bear-y strawberry! (We didn't say the jokes would be good.)

3) Eggplants need love too!

4) Hot tub time, anyone? (Let's hope no one tells those two that they're soup-bound.)

5) The devil is... in the tomato?

6) Full of starchy, cuddly goodness.

7) A healthy version of Peeps?

8) Boldly going where no carrot has gone before!

9) Not sure what to do in photos? If in doubt, make a duck face. (This may have gone a little too far, though.)

10) These potatoes aren't shy to show you how they feel.
I guess you could say that food has personality, eh?

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