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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feature: Decoda Literacy Solutions LEAP BC Food Flair

Interested in healthy child development or just want to know more about healthy eating?

Decoda Literacy Solutions is a literacy organization committed to fostering individual and community change and serving as a catalyst for a culture of literacy and learning for people of all ages. TheLEAP BC programs for children and families offers a set of resources that promote health child development and integrate literacy, education, activity, and play. The resources are designed for families, caregivers, and early learning practitioners who engage with young children.

Source: Decoda Literacy Solutions
The Food Flair component includes activities that help to create environments that support healthy eating for young children from birth to age 5. While targeted towards early learning practitioners and other professionals, the resources offered may also be useful for caregivers and families looking for ways to foster and promote healthy eating practices and habits for young children.

The materials for the four modules of Food Flair are available as free PDF downloads from the Decoda Literacy Solutions website and cover topics from the feeding relationship to health eating and how to make the process fun.

Want to know more or check out the Food Flair materials?

Visit the Decoda Literacy Solutions Food Flair website for more information and to download activity cards for each module: http://decoda.ca/children-families/leap-bc/food-flair/

The Food Flair Early Learning Practitioners Resource is also available for order for $30.

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