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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Workshop Review: Soup's On

Thank you for coming out to our Soup's On workshop last month! It was a roaring success -- over 4 dozen people showed up to enjoy delicious soup with Brenda Laface and discuss various food security issues.

Brenda showcased her borscht recipe and also gave tips for making delicious, healthy soup.

The borscht is unveiled!
Credit: Rebekah Mahaffey

  • It's easy and simple to make a meat or vegetable base for your soups -- no need to buy Oxo cubes or broth! Simply cut up and re-fry some leftover meat, or use fresh vegetables, and bring to boil in some water.
  • If you don't have everything that a recipe calls for, no need to panic! The soup will be fine without it, or you can substitute something that you think might work. (After all, cooking is one part experimentation, right?)
  • Soup is inexpensive because it can be made out of almost anything you have on hand -- as well as healthy, when made with basic, unprocessed ingredients. When in doubt, make soup!

Carrots and onions headed towards their soupy destiny.
Credit: Rebekah Mafaffey

Next up? Our Holiday Edition Workshop in December, featuring a return of baker Scott Bernstein, of Easy Bread Making "fame". He will be demonstrating how to make healthy holiday treats with local ingredients. There will also be tastings and door prizes -- but make sure to register early, as spots go fast!

For copies of the recipes used in this workshop, please visit our Recipe page:

Brenda's Slow Borscht

Want more ideas? Check out these:

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Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup

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