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Friday, April 20, 2018

Food for Thought: Quiz Part 2!

How did you do on Part 1 of the Food Security Quiz? This week is Part 2. Give it a try!

How many lentils does Canada grow compared to other countries?

a)     Lentils are not a significant crop in Canada
b)     Canada produces 1/4 of the world’s lentils
c)      Canada is second only to India in the production of lentils
d)     Canada produces more lentils than any other country

Which of these bees is not native to BC?

a)     mason bee
b)     honey bee
c)      sweat bee
d)     miner bee

Approximately how many species of bees do we have in BC?
a)     30
b)     100
c)      450
d)     1, 000

With conventional growing methods, how much land does it take to produce enough food for 1 person in BC? About:

a)     1/2 city block (.25 hectare)
b)     1 city block (.08 hectare)
c)      6 city blocks (.5 hectare)
d)      24 city blocks (2 hectares)

How much of the ice-free land on the planet is used to graze livestock?

a)     1/20
b)     1/10
c)      1/4
d)     1/2

Who sets organic standards for produce in Canada?

a)     Provincial governments
b)     Local farming associations
c)      Federal government
d)     The standards are set internationally

Which one of these in not a “winter” vegetable in our climate?

a)     Brussel sprouts
b)     Kale
c)     Carrots
d)     Green beans

     Find the answers here!

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