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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Knowledge Network: Just Eat It Film on Food Waste

Hello Food Firsters!

One of our past bloggers suggested that this may be a great idea for the blog! Here at Burnaby Food First, our passion is about ensuring that everyone has access to healthy and local foods.

A part of food security that does not get a lot of attention from our workshops, is food waste. How much of our food ends up in the trash. MetroVancouver has a Love Food, Hate Waste campaign which has some great resources on how to reduce waste as well as opportunities to share ideas or to discuss this very important topic.

This 74 minute movie follows Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer, in their  efforts to live a zero-waste lifestyle, take on a new challenge: to eat only rescued food for six months.

The movie shows the Vancouver couple as they forgo restaurant meals and quit grocery shopping cold turkey. What they find is shocking: truckloads of perfectly edible food destined for the landfill.

Access the movie: https://www.knowledge.ca/program/just-eat-it or visit http://www.foodwastemovie.com/ for more information.

For Canadians, access to the movie is unlimited and free. Consider donating to help raise awareness of food security and support the movie.

4 Feb 2016 - Just posted online: French supermarkets banned from throwing away and spoiling unsold foods.

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