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Monday, August 13, 2012

Workshop Review: The Joy of Pickling

Thank you all for coming out to the second Joy of Pickling workshop on July 25!

It's a little late coming, but here's the review, for interested parties -- and as usual, a few pictures from the day of.

For those who missed the first workshop in June, Andrea Potter returned to teach another group of students about fermentation as a way of preserving food and about the health benefits that come with eating pickled foods. 

Chef Potter with her students, demonstrating pickling techniques.
Credit: Sofi Martinez

At the end of the night, everyone took home a sample of sauerkraut -- and the confidence to delve into fermentation at home with the skills they learned.

Workshop participants are hard at work.
Credit: Sofi Martinez

The event overall was a success, and thank you to all attendees who helped make it an amazing evening!

Jar, meet pickles-to-be. Pickling cucumbers are stuffed into mason jars.
Credit: Sofi Martinez

Missed the workshop? The rest of the Summer Workshop Series is still to come, with plenty of opportunities to learn about canning fruits and vegetables and making the most of local harvests. Spots go quickly, so make sure to register early.

Check out the Summer Workshop Series post for most information, and stay tuned for workshop reminders later in the week!

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