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Friday, August 3, 2012

What's Happening: Classes and Workshops

Summer is gearing down -- don't the warm months always speed by? -- and with September around the corner, now is the time to grab up registration seats for the repertoire of classes and workshops starting this autumn.

Want to learn about food preparation safety? Food security issues? Want to take a culinary journey around the world? Or try your hand at cheese making? Look no further!

Burnaby Community & Continuing Education

Burnaby Community and Continuing Education offers a number of courses on cooking, health, and home food production.

Registration started August 1
. Register early, because spots go quickly!

Caribbean Cooking
(0018-1): September 22 ($59)

Cooking with Curry (0006-1): September 27 ($49)
Indonesian Favourites (0007-1): October 2 ($48)
Preserve Your Own Food: Canning (0024-1): October 3 ($40)
Thai Cooking (0016-1): October 10 ($49)
Baking with Gluten-Free Alternatives (0029-1): October 13 ($74)
Bee Keeping (0302-1): October 13 ($49)
Making It Last: Drying Foods (0028-1): October 13 ($58)
Raw Food for Optimal Health (0019-1): October 17 ($64)
Make Yoghurt & Cheese Without Dairy (0013-1): October 24 ($70)
Soup's On (0011-1): November 1 ($49)
Artisan Cheese Making (0025-1): November 3 ($59)
Singapore & Malaysian Cooking (0010-1): November 20 ($48)

For details, times, and locations on the above courses and to register, please visit the Burnaby Community and Continuing Education website: http://www.burnabyce.com/

FoodSafe (Level 1)
Dates: September 8 & 29 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: BCIT / 3700 Willingdon Ave. @ Building NE1, Rm 422 (map)
Cost: $70 (including taxes)

FoodSafe (Level 1) discusses the top 10 improper food-handling practices that cause over 95% of all food poisoning cases and how to reduce risk of food poisoning through proper food handling techniques.

Topics covered include an introduction to how microbes cause food poisoning, proper receiving and storing of foods, and food-handling steps such as cooking, cooling, reheating, cold and hot-holding, and thawing.
Personal hygiene, safe service of food, cleaning, and prevention of food-service worker injury are also discussed.

To reserve a seat or for more information, please call (604) 272-7213
or send an email. For details, please visit the ADVANCE Hospitality Education website: http://www.foodsafe-courses.com/

The Politics of Food and Eating
Dates: September 10 to October 22 from 9:30 am to 11:20 am
Location: SFU Vancouver / 515 W Hastings St. (map)
Cost: $104 (total of 6 classes)

Please note that this course is for adults aged 55 and older

How have iceboxes and refrigeration transformed our dinner table? Join Josh Labove and explore factors that have resulted in food insecurity for the urban poor, as well as the surging popularity of food trucks and the bringing of once-exotic cuisines to the Lower Mainland. The challenges posed by urban food deserts -- places where fresh produce is hard to find -- will also be discussed.

For details and to register, please visit the course website: http://www.sfu.ca/continuing-studies/

Healthy Habits
Dates: Every month, Wednesday at 5:15 pm
Location: Galloway's Specialty Foods / Richmond (map)
Cost: FREE

Beginning from September, join Dr. Neetu Dhiman once a month for information on healthy habits and learn how to select smart and healthy foods to ensure a long-term solution for optimal health and a happy body.

Space is limited, so please call (604) 270-6363 to register your spot. For more information, please visit the Galloway's website: http://gallowaysfoods.com/.
A schedule of classes will be posted in August, so stay tuned to their website for details!

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