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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Water Management and Conservation

Sunny days seem to be here to stay. This summer particularly gardeners may welcome the following information about Water Conservation Kits. This is because of the current dry weather threatening a more severe drought and more expected water supply shortages going forward. 

Water Conservation Kits

Source: City of Burnaby

Some people question the need to conserve water in parts of the world where we see so much rainfall but in the face of the changing climate and scarcity of resources, the sustainable use of water is in fact a priority these days for all cities. The BC Government has informed that the Water Sustainability Act coming into effect in 2016 will enable better management of all water resources. Surface water and Ground water will be managed as one resource. 

This will hopefully help to also ensure that all users of water resources including businesses, farms, fisheries and home-owners can manage the impact of dry weather conditions and respond to the water supply shortages appropriately. Metro Vancouver has recently restricted water use for discretionary purposes such as lawn sprinkling due to the unreasonably hot and dry weather. 

If you're interested in home water conservation, check out the outdoor and indoor water conservation kits offered to Burnaby residents at Burnaby City Hall. The components of these kits can help you save thousands of litres of water year-round and provide more ideas for conservation. For more information, please visit their web page

Conserving water is for our own good. After all, there is no life without water...because water is needed to garden -- and to make coffee!

We want to know what you think! Write to us and let us know your experiences as well as your tips for saving water at home. 

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