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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Feature: Treekeepers

Want to help green the city and get a great deal? Bring home a tree!

TreeKeepers is a Greenest City 2020 program encouraging residents and businesses in Vancouver to plant trees and help to build the urban forest in the city.

Source: TreeKeepers
The first step? Choose a tree that's right for the space you have. Then, head over to the Get a Tree page to purchase a tree (while supplies last).

Why does the urban forest matter?

Trees are vital to a healthy urban ecosystem. Adding trees to the urban forest helps us all by
  • Creating carbon sinks by capturing a greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) as trees grow
  • Increasing habitat space above and below ground
  • Reducing stormwater runoff, saving us millions of dollars in infrastructure costs
  • Cleaning the air by filtering pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide
  • Providing oxygen, with a single mature tree producing enough each year for two people to breathe
  • Improving the quality of urban life, with studies showing treed areas have lower crime rates than barren places
  • Providing shade in summer and wind blocks in winter, conserving energy through reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Increasing opportunities for food production as people develop resilient and food secure neighbourhoods

Source: TreeKeepers

How do I get involved?

Tree distribution for 2014 is now under way. All residents and commercial property owners in Vancouver are eligible to buy a tree and become a part of the program.

You can choose your tree by clicking on the Get a Tree on the TreeKeepers website. Trees for Spring 2014 distribution cost only $10.  Supply is limited, so order today!

You can also get involved by joining the TreeKeepers program, becoming a Citizen Forester, or volunteering in a number of ways.

For more information on the program, available trees for sale, or tips on caring for yours, visit the TreeKeepers website at http://www.treekeepers.ca/.

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