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Thursday, March 14, 2013

So... Can You Sew?

So... can you sew? If so, we'd like your help!

Some adorable aprons from France's Sewing School!
Burnaby Food First is looking for volunteers to sew aprons. We are making adult and children's aprons to raise funds to continue our grassroots work in food security.

One of our volunteers hard at work!
Credit: Laura van Wensveen
Another volunteer hard at work!
Credit: Cruz
 All fabric and thread will be provided. This is a great way to make a contribution from the comfort of your own home.

Kid's apron all ready to go!
Credit: Karen Winstanley
More cute kids' aprons
Credit: Laura van Wensveen and Joan Blair
We just love these adorable kids' aprons!
Credit: Karen Winstanley
Adult aprons -- the practical, stylish option!
Credit: Leona Skovgaard
Sew easy! For more information, or to sign up to volunteer, please email burnabyfoodfirst@gmail.com.

Interested in buying an apron? Prices are:

Children's Aprons are $10 to $15
Adult Aprons are $20 to $30. 

Just send us an email at burnabyfoodfirst@gmail.com and we'll get back to you!

Fabric has been donated by: Amanda, Joan Blair, Chris Burges, Canadian Mattress Recycling, Georgina Kersey, Carla, Kathryn Bass, Linda, Mona, Lynne McClintick, Janis Nylund, Melinda Ho, and Our Social Fabric

Thread has been donated by: Adrienn Bokor, Gamepoint Sportswear Ltd., Haruna Sales, Dave and Jean Price

Sewing Volunteers (so far!)Afghan Women's Sewing Circle, Cruz, Carol De Villiers, Fawn, France's Sewing School, Anastasia Frank, Antonietta Gabriele, Marion Hartley, Eva Ho, Suk Ching Ho-Chung, Maureen Hopper, Rosey Luc, Lorena Mar, Geri Mitchell, Leah Mosoff, Susannah Showick, Laura Van Wensveen, Karen Winstanley, Gloria Wong.


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