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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Workshop Review: Ice Cream Making Workshop

Thank you all for braving the rain and coming out to our Ice Cream Making Workshop last month!

Foodie Karin Hung, of artisan ice cream blog 52 Scoops, joined us to demonstrate just how easy it is to make your own ice cream at home.

Karin tantalizing the audience with thoughts of ice cream.
Credit: Magnolia Lim

The flavour of the evening? Cranberry ginger orange compote. (Yum!)

Participants learned how to make a simple ice cream base using an ice cream maker and by hand, and a couple of lucky people even got to try their hand at operating a hand-cranked ice cream maker.

Cream, sugar... but when do we get to eat?
Credit: Christina Mak

Thank you to all participants who came out and helped to make the evening a success.

Keep an eye on the blog for information on upcoming workshops! We have lots of great ideas and will be making announcements soon.

Freshly scooped samples and eager tasters in the background.
Credit: Magnolia Lim

For a copy of the recipe used in this workshop, please visit our Recipe page or check out the handout from that evening:

Homemade Ice Cream
Ice Cream Making Handout (PDF)

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  1. It was a great workshop. Karin was a wonderful presenter. Very knowledgeable and friendly.